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South Carolina Tourism's Official BBQ Page
    The Birthplace of BBQ
  • As sure as the pit master’s day is long, opinions on barbecue’s birthplace are endless. But make no mistake, this isn’t about choosing sides. It’s about being right, and the roots to this sacred Southern dish are buried deep – five centuries deep – right here in South Carolina...

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 2013 Custom Home and Remodel Show

The GrateTV cameras followed Jack Waiboer and Carolina Pitmasters in August to The Citadel’s Johnson Haygood Stadium to watch some BBQ fun unfold in front of a live and hungry audience.  It was part of the Charleston Home and Design Magazine’2013 Custom Home and Remodel Show.

On the menu was Roasted Corn with Chipotle Mayo, an Italian Fattie served as medallions on grilled toast, Fired Up Tomato Salsa, Shrimp On A Pineapple Plank,  and Shrimp Tacos (with a touch of the aforementioned corn, shrimp and salsa ).   We also enjoyed some tasty pulled pork thanks to the South Carolina Pork Board.

The food looked stellar and according to the fans on site tasted as good as it looked.  Take a look as we grab some behind the scenes commentary from the prep kitchen and some on the scene food tasting  reviews.

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The BBQ Central Show
- August 6, 2013
    ~The BBQ Central show is a combination Radio and Live Video Show
        Host: Greg Rempe
        Guest Host - Michael McDearman, Get Fired up Foods
    Subjects covered: 
        Lively debate on the Birthplace of American BBQ
        Appearance recap of BBQ Pitmasters Television Show on Destination America