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 while benefiting charitable

10 Questions

Here is a list of 10 questions to ask Jack Waiboer 

Jack Waiboer

  1. You have a solid culinary reputation, How did you get hooked in to BBQ, what’s your food story?
  2. How is the Lowcountry important to BBQ?
  3. You are Pit Master at Kraft Foods, that’s exciting news.  How big is Kraft in BBQ.
  4. What is your food perspective?

Carolina Pit Masters

  1.  What is Carolina Pit Masters and why is it different from other schools?


  1.  What is GrateTV and why is it different from other cooking shows?

Southern Barbecue Network

  1.  How did you get started with the Southern Barbecue Network?
  2. How many BBQ judging organizations are there, and how is SBN different?
  3. Do you enjoy judging as much as cooking and competing?
  4. How do you join SBN?