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Food Story


I got interested in cooking and specifically live fire cooking when I was about 10 years old.  I’m a product of the Boy Scout organization, my dad was scoutmaster, and we camped a lot.  We had to learn how to make a good fire and use coals to earn some cooking skill awards.   I really enjoyed the success I had with grate, and Dutch oven cooking.  It gave me a skill that none of the other kids were all that interested in.   I love to cook, and my mother was very good.  She kept me grounded and I learned as many different styles as I could; From Traditional American comfort food to Cajun, Southern, Pacific Rim, I love them all.  I wanted to go to culinary school after high school, but it wasn’t in the cards, but I stayed in school, got my degree all the while working in kitchens for a little extra money.  When I graduated, I went straight into the restaurant business.  I craved the opportunity to create great looking and great tasting food and I liked the pressure and fast paced environment of the Biz.  Jump ahead a few years and I read a book by and met a fella named John Willingham.  He told me that “smoke” was airborne dirt and that you needed a clean fire to use the essences of wood to give your food great flavor.  I’ve used that knowledge as a basis for cooking on a pit ever since.  I continue learn everything a guy's gotta know about the combination of wood, fire, seasoning, and smoke.  The rules are easy; Use Simple tools, basic ingredients, common sense methods, and you can create championship quality All American BBQ.