"To teach and promote the art of quality barbecue
 while benefiting charitable

Live Appearances

Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens - Party in the Park
June 2,9,16,23. 2014  Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park, Mount Pleasant, SC
Kamado Joe Ceramic Cooker, TEC Sportsman
        Grilling Demonstrations
  Pulled Pork BBQ 
            Mojave Garlic Chicken
            Tequilla Lime Chicken
            Marinated Chicken
            BBQ Boneless Pork Chops
            Grilled Beef Sirloin
            Texas Tickler Boneless Chicken Breast


    May 16-17, 2014  Simpsonville City Park, Simpsonville, SC
Alveron Custom Cooker - 4 cookers on one trailer
            Asada Racks for cooking with live fire
            Orion Cookers
            Spit Jack Custom Spit
            Vertical Spit
    Grilling Demonstrations
            Whole Swordfish
            750 pound Steer on a Spit
            Whole Bacon Wrapped Alligator
            20 sheep/lambs
            20 Goats
            Wild Boar
            5 whole hogs
            25 chickens
            6 turkeys
 American Culinary Federation - Southeasten Conference
     April 27, 2014 North Charleston Convention Center, North Charleston, SC
            Alveron Custom Cooker
        Grilling Demonstration
            Whole Hog for 150 chef lunch          


The Original Home Show - Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens Pavilion
January 10-12, 2014  North Charleston Conventions Center, North Charleston, SC
            Kamado Joe
            Fire Magic
            Tec Grills
         Grilling Demonstrations:
            Whole Hog
            Boston Butts
            Breakfast Fatty
            Beef Tenderloin
            Shrimp Taco
            All things Chicken
            Beef Brisket


Sam's Club - Cook off Before Kick off

     November 12, 13, 14  Sam's Clubs: Rockhill, Columbia west, Columbia Harbison

Foods Cooked: 

  • Florida Grilled Chicken Strip Swamp Sandwich
  • South Carolina Grill Shrimp and jalapeño Grits

Product Partners:

  • Sam's Club
  • Coke Zero
  • Mars Candies


  • Support Team for BBQ Personalities Ray Lampe and Beth Peterson
  • Attain and transport all assets for a Cook off Before Kick off activation.
  • Set up and brake down of all assets needed for 3 activations in 3 different locations. 
  • Shop for and prepare all food for a participation judging event. 
  • Shop for and prepare all food for a mass sampling.
  • Total Samples for activation 1,200

Kraft Foods

PitMasters Choice - US Foods Show

      Las Vegas, Nevada - October 2013

 Kraft Foods
    PitMasters Choice - US Foods Show
        Los Angeles, CA - October 2013

Jamil Shrine BBQ Cook Off
    Columbia, SC - October 2013
        Certified BBQ Judge

Smokin BBQ and Blue Grass Festival - Cold Mountain Corn Maize
    Canton, NC - September 2013

 Southern Barbecue Network
Judging Class Instructor

Charleston Home & Design Magazine - The Custom Home & Remodel Show
    Johnson Hagood Stadium - The Citadel, Charleston, SC
        Grill Master/Pit Master
            Live Grilling Demonstrations August, 2013
                    Fat Italian, Fire Roasted Corn, Fire it up Salsa, Grilled Shrimp on a Pineapple Plank, Shrimp Tacos

Tennessee Beef Council 
    Sous Chef and Content Assistant
        "Celebrate Beef Month by Learning to Grill an Entire Meal on the Grill -  July, 2013 Cookeville, Tennessee
     Instructor - Michael McDearman - Get Fired up Foods
            Sirloin Kabobs with fruit skewers, New York Strip sliders, Ribeye Steak with Grilled Green beans and Southern Potato Salad,
            Cheese Cake with grilled pineapple topping

Destination America - BBQ Pitmasters Season 4 show #9 O' Cue Homa
    Lead Personality
            Beef Tri Tip and Country Style Ribs cooking demonstration and content creation for reality television show.

Trybe Targeting
Sam’s Club Grand Opening – Easley, SC July 2013 - Trybe Targeting.  
                Pulled Pork and Brisket sampling to promote Sam’s Fresh Meat program

Kraft Foods

    All Star PitMaster – PitMasters Choice Marketing Strategy.

              2013 Appearances

              Tampa, Florida – Kraft Regional Sales Meeting

Whole hog, pork spare rib, and brisket cooking demonstrations and sampling

              Dallas, Texas – Ben E Keith Food Show

                             Pulled pork, ribs, and brisket cooking demonstration and sampling

              Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – Cheney Brothers Food Show

Whole Hog and Boston butt cooking demonstrations and sampling.  Main Stage - Whole hog presentation and Sauce 101 presentation.

              Los Angeles, California - US Foods Show
                    Whole Hog cooking demonstration and sampling.  Main Stage - Green whole hog breakdown with Master Meat Cutter
                    Brent Olsen,  Stockyard Meats.

              Las Vegas, Nevada - US Foods Show
                              Pork Shoulder cooking demonstration and sampling.                           

All Star PitMaster - PitMasters Choice

              Original PitMaster for this grass roots marketing strategy. 

              Established best practices and produced all training materials for this program. 

Coordinated and attended a Training Session for a regional PitMasters Choice rollout in Las Vegas, Nevada.

              2012 Appearances

                  Portland, Oregon – Sysco Foods Show

        Pulled Pork cooking demonstration and sampling

                  Phoenix, Arizona- US Foods Show

        Whole Hog cooking demonstration and sampling

        Whole Hog breakdown demonstration with Stockyard Meats Master Butcher Brent Olsen

                  Los Angeles, California – US Foods Show

                      Whole Hog cooking demonstration and sampling

                      Whole Hog breakdown demonstration with Stockyard Meats Master Meat Cutter Brent Olsen

                  San Francisco, California, US Foods Show

                       Pulled Pork cooking demonstration and sampling

                  Las Vegas, Nevada – World Food Championships        
                       Pork Ribs cooking demonstrations and sales for the World Food Championships Rib Fest.  Demonstrations and sales took 
                        place in front of the Bally’s Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.  This was the first time this type of promotion had been done in
                        Las Vegas.

    Garland Jack’s Secret Six Barbecue Sauce – Saucin’ Up Promotion.  A grass roots Marketing Strategy.

    1. Wrote a complete syllabus, and teaching manual for the rollout of a national Garland Jack’s Secret Six Grass Roots Marketing program.
    2. Coordinated and attended a training weekend in Nashville, TN
    3. 18 teams rolled out our tested programs nationally.
    4. Established “Best Practices” for cooking, engaging the public, sampling, dealing with agencies, and engaging the media for this major marketing strategy.
    5. Pulled pork cooking and sampling demonstrations.
    6. Principle instructor for the two day training class.
    7. Appeared and Performed Audits in Sacramento and Los Angeles markets to ensure programs were being followed.


    Garland Jack’s Secret Six Barbecue Sauce – Authentic Charleston BBQ Promotion.


    1. A grass roots BBQ Sauce Promotion funded by Kraft Foods for a roll out of Garland Jack’s Secret Six BBQ Sauce. 
    2. A food sampling grass roots marketing effort where a Championship BBQ Team engaged with the public to taste Garland Jack’s Secret Six BBQ sauce on championship pulled pork.
    3. First team selected for this type of promotion.  Mike’s Catering was the test to establish working “best practices” for a possible nationwide rollout of this type of marketing strategy.
    4. Performed 22 activations from June - September in a variety of venues including Large Concerts, Variety Shows, Minor League Baseball, Local marketing efforts to promote “Main Streets”, Roller Derby and Supermarkets.


 BBQA National Conference and Trade Show, March 23 – 26 2011, Greenville, SC

            Presenter - How to Cook a Whole Hog.