"To teach and promote the art of quality barbecue
 while benefiting charitable

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Jack Waiboer lives in the birthplace of American Barbecue; Charleston, SC.  He's a BBQ Personality, a teacher, trainer, Judge, and speaker.  Barbecue is the fastest growing segment in the culinary world.  The cuisine is literally on fire!

Jack owns the Carolina Pit Masters Barbecue Cooking School; he is a Host of GrateTV.com and the Pit Master of Kraft Foods.  Jack is a motivator and a character, and if your group, viewers or listeners don’t already know him, they will want to.

Today, Jack Waiboer is a genuine role model.  He believes in hard work and solid core values.  He owns and hosts the longest running BBQ School in South Carolina and it’s the only one of its kind in the nation. He has taught and trained countless champions. One of his top priorities is to establish the Lowcountry of South Carolina as the true birthplace of American Barbecue.  He is passionate about improving the business of barbecue and live fire cooking, the quality of competitions and the competitors.

Jack also understands content.  His appearance on Destination America's reality Show BBQ Pitmasters has given him a keen insight into television production and content development.  He is the Pit Master of Kraft Foods and is the Lead Pit Master and content coordinator for the Pitmasters Choice and Saucin’ Up promotions.  He is the Co-Host of GrateTV.com the longest running internet podcast dealing with grilling and smoking meats and cooking with a live fire.  His contribution to the content of all of these projects is nothing short of fanatical.  Whether hearing him speak or reading his words, people are immediately engaged by Jack’s experiences in and perspectives about barbecue and live fire cooking.

There are many reasons to contact Jack.  Whether you are looking for an expert in Live fire Cooking, BBQ techniques and history, A Celebrity Judge, A positive role model and motivator, A BBQ Personality to endorse your product, or someone to cater an event, Jack Waiboer is the foremost authority in Live Fire Cooking Today.  Contact us at Carolina Pit Masters ,LLC "We can do it"!